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15 February 2008 @ 12:21 pm
Hey everyone! I thought I'd do a little picspam of Kate's style through the years that we've known her! I've tried to include every picture I could of her style but I might have missed a couple, there are also a few that I couldn't get the tags off so they're included in the pictures but I hope that doesn't stop the enjoyment of the picture spam!

Unfortunately it's quite large so to save people's computers I'm going to split them into two parts! I hope everyone likes it, it took me a little while to do LOL but it was definitely fun!

I'm going to keep this post unlocked so for anyone who wants to share the Kate love you're more than welcome to link to this in your journals :D

Part One...Collapse )

Link To Part Two...
16 November 2007 @ 05:31 pm

Welcome to bosworth_daily. Hopefully this community will grow to become a community where Kate fans can share pictures and news of Kate and keep up to date on all her goings on, if you find any news that you'd like to share feel free to make a post. I've chosen to moderate new posts made but that's just for the time being, if everything keeps running smoothly then I'll take that off and members can post freely.

All I ask is that before making a post please read the rules in the user info that way we can make sure that the tags will be used to the most advantage of the members when they're looking for a set of specific pictures!

I will post a picture every day just to keep up the daily name but there may be more than one post made from me if Kate attends an event or there have been some candids of her out and about!

Anyway I hope you enjoy it here and have fun ♥